PayPal £10 free credit (Account Specific)

Posted 2nd Mar
Had an email this morning telling me I had £10 to use on a Paypal account I had forgotten I had.
At first I thought this was a spam email or even a scam.
Carefully followed the link and checked it out.
Logged in to the Paypal account I had forgotten about and the credit automatically added to my account.
Its valid at any store that accepts Paypal and then is no minimum spend.
If you have multiple Paypal accounts I just thought it might be worth checking your spam etc.
It was obviously given to me to get me to use the account again, but I would imagine they send them out in waves.
3416004.jpgThe deal is only assigned to the email that receives the link, be sure to log in using the email which received the promo.
Personally I used it straight away to buy a game and it worked flawlessly.3416004.jpg
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I had this but for $5 a few months ago. They had all been claimed the moment I received the email and tried to get it. Funny that eh?
That usually happens to me with Uber eats whole way through it tells me what a great discount I’m getting - last stage ‘These have all been claimed by the first X amount of customers, please give your family the disappointing news that McDonald’s is cancelled - unless you want to be a good dad and pay the full overpriced total price that you would never have consideredand keep your promise to your family!....”
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