i just started paypal and do they take out your first incoming funds or is it all yours? do you have to pay paypal to get money out of the paypal account?


    If you are the seller,then fees will be deducted at the time of the sale.
    If you withdraw funds over £50 then its free otherwise a charge will be made

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    ok well say im getting £20 into my account in paypal its free to take out?

    They take their fees out of any transaction automatically.

    You have to pay to withdraw money if it's under £50 (a 25p fee) but it's free if you withdraw more than that.

    No you will be charged .Anything less than £50

    If this a 1 off payment and you not want to pay the 25p fee to get it to your bank account then perhaps purchase online from a site something you need that takes Paypal.

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    Well its actually mysearchfunds thanks for helps guys n gals
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