Paypal 21-day release of payment

Found 18th Dec 2009
I waas selling items on ebay and they have put a hold on my money. They cant be allowed to do this can they? I did not see any sign of this when i joined paypal/ebay. The policy is realy unfair.
You have to buy the item, ship and pay ebay fees before you get the money for your item?

Why don't they just set themselves up as a proper bank and sort things out correctly instead of all these stupid rules
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same boat with me, there rules are just silly now

and all i sold was a game ffs
I would imagine that this is to protect the buyer, as it would stop people selling cr@@p and then quickly withdrawing the money before the buyer can attempt to get their money back............?

Or it benefits Paypal/eBay by making them more money.........................!
yes they can sadly,they did it before tome,they are the scum of the earth, u make them money-then they think oh thats not enough lets add a bit of interest to.

they usually pay u before the 21 days, after u have had feedback left, i think they randomly do this.
Looks like its paying for the shareholders bubbly.
Payments aren't held for everybody,depends if you fall into one of these brackets.

PayPal will hold payments in transactions where the vast majority of seller fraud occurs. Here are the most common instances in which a payment may be held:
You have been on eBay less than six months and sell an item above £50
You have a feedback score of less than 98% and sell an item above £50
More than 5% of your transactions result in dissatisfied buyers*
You have an average Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) of 4.5 or less
You have received less than 20 Detailed Seller Ratings
You are listing your item in a higher-risk category which include gift certificates, video games, mobile phones, computers, and consumer electronics

PayPal will not hold payments for eBay items if you meet the following criteria:
You have been an eBay member for more than 6 months, and
Your total Feedback score is greater than 100, and
Fewer than 5% of your transactions result in dissatisfied buyers*

Your average DSR is greater than 4.5, and
Your have received more than 20 DSRs in the last 12 months
Your buyer dissatisfaction percentage is less than 5%
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