Found 18th Jul 2009
just been paid for an item via paypal but iv just spotted this in the email they sent me

Please be aware that your payment can still be reversed, (e.g. if it is subject to a chargeback), even after you have posted the item to your buyer. Complying with PayPal's protection programs and following the trading guidelines, in our Security Centre helps to protect you from things like chargebacks

does this mean the person can pay for the item then when they have it cancle the payment they sent ??

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Thats standard for paypal.

Ebay/paypal are good at not sorting out there own screw ups so like to warn you they may screw u over .lol.
But email is now standard.

Any way who can afford to sell there any more the eat more than the tax man does..AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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