I recently bought something on ebay, the item never came. I've filed for paypal dispute, and spoke to my bank. It's about £200 quid worth.

    Assuming the seller doesn't respond, and do not have any paypal balance, what can I realistically recover from them?

    If it doesn't work out, there is always visa chargeback...


    I would have thought the full amount. I always assumed that Paypal bear the liability for their protection scheme (up to £500)!?

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    I spoke to a ebay dude earlier, and was told I can recover the full amount.

    But reading through the terms, i found:

    13.12 What happens if I am unable to resolve the Dispute directly with the seller?

    You may escalate the Dispute to a Claim within 20 days of the date you filed the Dispute. PayPal will make a final decision for some – but not all – Claims.

    13.13 What if PayPal makes a final decision in my favour?

    If PayPal makes a final decision in your favour, we will collect any available funds in the seller’s PayPal balance at that time. However, recovery is not guaranteed and is limited only to the amounts that PayPal can recover from the seller’s Account. Any amounts collected from the seller will be placed in your Account.

    That's what I'm concened about...he'd probably have spent, or withdraw the paypal balance before to his bank account...

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    just seen tink's post removed my comment as things have changed

    But I was told they would return the payment, even if they had to cover it themself? the item is indeed had buyer protection. :thinking:

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    It's the full amount now.You have read/quoted the terms for buyer … It's the full amount now.You have read/quoted the terms for buyer complaint which is off ebay purchases, you will be covered under buyer protection, for on ebay purchases which is 100% regardless of funds:)

    Okay, so there is a chance of recovery?

    Woohoo... long life Paypal... crap... but not as crap as we had all feared. :-D

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    Oh GOD....

    Just have to wait, if it doesn't work, still have Abbey for reassurance... err not looking good.


    [SIZE="7"]Stop worrying[/SIZE]:thumbsup:

    Michael Winner uses EBay and Pay Pal

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    Paypal refund themselves and chase the seller:thumbsup: It's all changed … Paypal refund themselves and chase the seller:thumbsup: It's all changed since then

    Thanks for the much needed reassurance. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    I suppose there is nothing I could do now, until either he responds, or the time comes up. :thinking:

    Trust Tinks,She is an Ebay god :thumbsup:
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