hi all hope someone can help, i did have paypal ages ago, i cant remember the email i had( i think the email account has been deleted) cant remember the passord either, the security questions i can do but then it come to a phone number that it say they are going to ring me on to give me a code, problem is i dont have the same phone number anymore? is there anything i can do?


    might as well open a new account:thumbsup:


    might as well open a new account:thumbsup:


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    yeh but i cant as its saying this card is already used on another account

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    so hovv can i set up a nevv one then?

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    I would give Paypal a call and see what they can do, but if no luck with that, the only thing I can think of is to open a new paypal account and either use a new card (I think a PAYG visa type will be ok), or cancel your current card with the provider and get a new one sent?

    this happened to me once.

    had to write many letters, had to fax them bank statements, proof of address, passport copy- you name it. had numerous phone conversations too.

    all worked out in the end.

    Just call them and explain the situation.. at least your bank card is still from the same account- which'll prove your name, which'll be linked to your new address on your bank details etc etc. all is not lost, i assure you. well i hope not, anyway. good luck
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