I was hoping someone could help please.

    My bank details have been removed form paypal and I have had an email from paypal, stating that my bank account is closed.

    I contacted paypal only to get an automated service and have not managed to speak to a human yet so I phoned ebay who advised me that my paypal account has no bank registered to it.

    My bank account is definately ok as I have spoken with my bank.

    I was really hoping someone on here may have experienced something like this or know someone who has.

    Also if anybody has a phone number for paypal which will get me through to a human i would really appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance for your time.


    Possibly that your account might not accept direct debits....


    Sounds like a scam, are you sure it was paypal that emailed you
    i'd tell the bank to stop any paypal transactions as well

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your replies.

    Definately not a scam have confirmed it with a human from ebay and my paypal account now has no bank details.

    My account does definately accept direct debits as I pay all my bills this way and have done for years.


    Heres hoping OP logged into paypal via a bookmark and NOT via an email link


    just re-input your bank details then

    0870 730 7191 you could try this one.

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    Logged in through my ebay as I always do.

    Don't want to just re insert bank details till I find out how on earth this has happened.

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    Thanks Randa have tried that one but will try again.

    i'm trying to remember how i did it a couple of weeks ago, i know i had a pin number i had to give.

    +35314369004 this is the humber say no to 0870 have.

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    Thank you so much will give them a call and let you know how i get on

    You wil need a pin number,
    log into your paypal account, then on the bottom there are a few options, click 'contact us' you will then get a question about what its all about, just put somthing like bank account,
    then below that click phone us hopefully then on the right you will get a pin number and phone number to call.

    i had my bank account removed by paypal once long ago, i think it was because a very small ( like 1p) payment was refused by my bank for some reason. Just re-entered details and no problems since.

    If anyone is concerned about international phone costs to the +35314369004 number given above, +353 is the country code for Ireland.

    This happened to me, they removed my bank details and when I tried to add them again it said they were already registered with another account and that I couldn't use them on any other accounts. I messaged Paypal and they sorted it out, eventually

    Somethink similar happened to my mother-in-law, she had an e-mail from paypal saying she hadnt confirmed a payment yet, when she clicked on the link it took her to a page that looked exactly like paypal, all this was done on her iphone so she got to an actual computer and when she clicked the link again the security software imidiatly popped up saying the page wasnt legit and details imitate a similar well klnown page... is this asking you to put your bank details in again? if so it may be fraudulent...


    my account was removed, i just redid it, not sure if its not used for so long whether they remove it, but i just added it again and all was fne

    i had this the other week, i tried to deposit £5 from my bank into my paypal then had an email from paypal saying my bank had declined it and they had removed my details from paypal!
    I didnt follow the link in the email, but logged onto my paypal and my bank details had been removed, so i phoned my bank who said they had no recent activity of paypal trying to take the £5 but the bank had put a block on everything for "security reasons" grrrr!! Im now having to go through all the hassle of putting my details back in and waiting for the small deposits to verify my account!!

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    Sorry for the delay in responding however i have managed to sort it out.

    Basically its because Santander have talen over my bank. Paypal, it appears are the only company so far, that have caused loads of problems to Alliance and Leicester customers.

    Have now set up account again with same details and awaiting verifying bits and pieces so should be up and running soon.

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    Your very welcome Starsparkle

    Good luck with it.
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