Paypal account hacked into - need advice

    My Mum's Paypal account has been hacked into and there's two payments been made to two different hotmail accounts totalling around 1100 dollars. Shortly after these two payments there's a warning from Paypal saying they suspect there's a problem and they've locked down the account, in the resolution centre both both transactions are showing as on hold although in the my account section they show as completed.

    Now I want to make sure both payments are flagged as fraudulent although the resolution centre seems more geared to delimiting the account, what would be the best way to proceed?

    Update - my Mum's Paypal account is linked to her current account (I didn't know that, I'll be making sure that is changed). She has contacted her bank and neither payment is showing so she's cancelled the Paypal direct debit to prevent any payments being taken out.

    Any advice appreciated,



    contact paypal

    the best thing to do is to contact both her bank and paypal directly to explain the situation...

    Original Poster

    I'm more looking for information on how to handle this with Paypal as I've not been through this process before, obviously passwords have been changed (although the account cannot be used) and Paypal have been contacted but not much response from them so far.

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