Paypal advice needed please

I sold my wifes Samsung Tocco on ebay last month (item no: 160311222359).

The customer paid and I posted the item via 1st class recorded delivery (as per listing) on 26/1/09 at my local post office.

The buyer contacted me to advise they had not received the item, I responded advising that it had been posted and provided the tracking number. Uneknown to me that with this carppy postal service with recorded delivery items you can only check the progress when its been signed for.

The buyer then logged a paypal claim at which time they put my paypal account into a negative balance until such time as its cleared. I supplied them with the tracking number and was waiting for them to make a decision (due to be 26/02/09).

In the meantime ebay took my fees of £12.51 however to do this paypal had to take a total of £171 to clear the negative balance first.

What I want to know is (if anyone has experience) where do i stand with the claim? Who will paypal tend to side with bearing in mind I have supplied tracking number (bloody royal mail).

and also do i have a right to log a claim with my bank for the difference which paypal took from my bank without my consent (bearing in mind paypal and ebay are one and the same they should have known about dispute.

Sorry about the essay but if someone could shed a bit aof light it would be appreciated.



when you use the tracking number on royal mails website does it say it was delivered? if not then paypal will find in favour of the buyer, you can then claim compensation via royal mail but standard recorded only insures up to £34 so it the transaction was more then this you will be out of pocket.

just looked at the auction looks like you will be well out of pocket may be an idea to read up on the different postal services there are before selling anything else

I can't really help but I wouldn't hold out too much hope, PayPal is not the sellers friend.
Has the item been signed for? You don't say in the post, if it has been signed for you should get a delivery report off the Royal Mail website. Submit this to PayPal as proof of delivery. Proof of postage is not proof of delivery.
Whilst it is too late in this case, always send Special Delivery as it is fully tracked.
You may be able to claim against Royal Mail for the failed delivery, but the max is only £36.


If you have the tracking number and provide/give that to paypal (they should ask for it) they will side with you if it has been signed for. If it hasn't been signed for and the Royal Mail have "lost" it yoo (or the buyer) will have to make a claim. However........unless you insured it up to its value you can only claim back up to (approx) £35.

Although ebay/paypal are the same they claim that they are not so when they do stuff like this they cover their a**es.

Don't know about the bank.

I suggest contacting both paypal and the buyer (and Royal Mail) to explain the situation clearly from your point of view and take it from there.

Original Poster

Thanks for the replies so far.

Sorry should have said, its not showing as signed for.

On another note, when I posted it, it was never mentioned about the £36 claim. Although if you send something recorded then you would assume that its a guarantee (or is it just me).

I have paid royal mail for a service which they have not provided me. Wonder if it all goes t!ts up where I would stand if went down small claims route against royal mail?

you would get nowhere as it clearly states on the website the different ways to post and compensation, if you asked when posting how is the best way to send this insured they would have said special delivery but if you asked for recorded they gave you exactly what you asked for. Don't want to sound rude but its up to you if you want to know how it works or just 'assume' as you say

it might turn up in the next few days, i've known lost mail turn up at buyers after 4 weeks, as mentioned with recorded you are only covered to £36, if you put your address on the parcel it may be routed back to your local post office or depot (or the buyers, if he was not in) you could check with them?

you should only send itemsd worth £36+ via special delivery ....... you have a tiny chance the phone turns up .....

you can only claim £36 back from royal mail ... take this as a learning curve

the recorded delivery is a common mistake. People assume it is a guaranteed delivery and insured as if a courier.

that service is called registered post and it is tracked through to delivery and insured if post. it is just that it costs a lot more than recorded. all recorded does is tell you if it is delivered - nothing more.

did your parcel have a clear return to or senders address on it ? if so at least you may have a chance of getting it back. If not, it is a rather painful lesson learned.

my mistake, living in the past - registered post.

BBC was right - it is now called special delivery


my mistake, living in the past - registered post.BBC was right - it is … my mistake, living in the past - registered post.BBC was right - it is now called special delivery

royal mail do the following services

royal mail 1st class / second class - normal post but NO tracking

royal mail 1st class / second class with recorded delivery - tracks at point of receipt of buyer (refunds for upto £36 or 10 x cost of 1st class stamp)

royal mail special delivery - tracked the whole way & guarenteed for next day (for items worth £36 or more) insurance available for any item (cash etc) £500 insurance is included in the price ...

Parcel force (courier) fully trackable and insured


royal mail 1st class / second class - normal post but NO tracking

Still £36 insurance on this if you get the free "Certificate of Posting" from the Post Office when sending the item.


Still £36 insurance on this if you get the free "Certificate of Posting" … Still £36 insurance on this if you get the free "Certificate of Posting" from the Post Office when sending the item.

good point forgot that bit

when sending phones out on ebay you might aswell pay the extra 1.50 to send special next day delivery as then they havent got much of a chance in saying it hasnt been deliverd and your insured upto 500 pound.

If the parcel was left outside the house (and not signed for as they sometimes are) a dishonest buyer may very well pick up on this and claim non-delivery.

Thats why you always have to cover your arrse and pay for extra insurance.

People do similar things with and amazon.
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