paypal and bank account possibly charged twice?

Found 23rd Oct 2010
Hi misc,

I know a lot of you are ebayers, and use paypal etc more than me so I need a little bit of advice.

Just checked my online bank account (Nationwide) and it says I have two transactions from paypal for £19.95.

There should only be one for £19.95 as I have bought something off ebay and when i check my paypal account it only shows one purchase for £19.95 which is fine.

Has anyone had experience with this before? I cant see how I've been charged twice when my paypal only shows the one payment.

Or may my nationwide account update in a few days to only show just the one payment?

If it doesn't who would I contact in regards to it, my bank or paypal?

I know it sounds kinda dumb haha but I really have no idea as I've never had this issue.

thanks for any help

in b4 the h4te
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Same happened to me. Got charged twice but Paypal know about this error and are refunding everyone. Email I got:

Dear ME,

Unfortunately, because of a technical error, a PayPal payment you made this week has been charged to your bank account twice. We’re very sorry for the mistake and can assure you that we are already issuing you with a refund, which will be with you in no more than five working days.

Please note that the payment you made will only appear once in your PayPal account, but it will appear twice on your bank statement. If by any chance you’ve been charged by your bank as a result of this, please contact us with details of the charges which we will also refund for you.

Again we’re very sorry for the mistake and for any inconvenience it may have caused. We are dealing with this issue as a matter of urgency. Should you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

I had the same this week.
Same reply from ebay as above so they are rectifying this
Promised a refund within 5 working days
ahh interesting, haven't received any email from them so I will contact them.

thanks all
Same here
same happened to me not had any email as yet
Happened to me too this week !! will have to email them and see what they say....Thanks for reminding me ! gonna do it now !
Same here. Got the PayPal email today. oO I believe the refund will be paid into the PayPal account, what a con! Google Checkout here I come.

Update: Bank Credit - Paypal Dd Reversal 27/10/10
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