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Posted 15th Oct 2020
looking for some help to see if it's worthwhile me using PayPal resolution centre. so I bought a refurb iPhone (condition pristine plus) end aug to put away for my son's birthday yesterday. stupidly I never gave it a thorough going over beforehand, and on setting it up we find it has a few faults, namely a fast draining battery and faulty home button. now as we're outside their eBay return window (1 month) I can't return via eBay. I've contacted them tho and asked to return for refund (I'll pay postage) but they're saying no, they only offer 1 month return policy, and can either fix it or replace. if this is my only option fair enough, but I thought possibly going thru PayPal resolution centre would get me a refund on 5 week old faulty goods?
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