PayPal chargeback ????

    I had an email from PayPal saying they have a charge back ready any ideas ?? Thanks


    Mark it as spam and login to your paypal and check the resolution centre. Any chargebacks will be listed there

    If you weren't expecting it ,its fraud . Do not click on any link in the email . Log in to your Paypal account normally and check it out

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    Ok coooool thanks

    I had one from "BarclayCard" earlier, using the number of a card I destroyed over 5 years ago.

    It doesnt matter who you think an email is from, you never use any embedded link (except for HUKD, they can be trusted).

    HUKD can be trusted as can Paypal , Banks etc -but its not them that's sending you the email on occasions such as this oO Don't trust an email whoever it appears to come from , always log into your account as normal - never click a link on an email no matter how tempting or believable it may seem .
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    as all the others have said more than likely its phishing

    check your paypal account if you want to, i wouldnt even go that far

    paypal always email to first name last name, not just as a general title of dea mr or anything like that, so unless its sent to you, just delete and ignore or report spam or whatever

    or for a more detailed way to check just look at the sent address details, as its always something like [email protected] or [email protected] paypal ofc have they own email address of some can be used with the fake bank emails and the rest

    above all never click links from emails you unsure of

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    All of the above advice is good. You can also forward the suspect email to PayPal's fraud department. Send it to [email protected] who will confirm if it's a phishing attempt and will look to shut them down.

    I've had a couple of PayPal ones recently, telling me I'm being billed for a Skype subscription, I mark them as spam straight away.
    I've also recently had a Netflix one which looked very convincing.

    It's scary how convincing these emails are getting these days
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