Paypal claim against a shop advice or does it work?

Found 21st Dec 2010
Ello, I'm looking for some advice or if anyones tried this before about starting a claim against a shop which sent me a damaged item, which I returned and have heard nothing since via paypal.

So I bought 3 games from CeX online back on 18th November and paid via paypal which took till the 22nd to clear, know idea why as I'm a regular ebay user and my account payments usually clear instantly. Anyway they delivered the 3 games (separately???) of which the last one arrived on the 8th december, it had a large scratch through the middle but it played for a couple of days at least, until it then displayed a disc read error. So I emailed them detailing the problem as stated in there Q&A, waited 3 working days and no reply so decided what the hell I have a damaged game I'll send it back, with a copy of the invoice, a note, the game/box in the condition I received it in and I kept the Post Office receipt, delivery dated 14th dec @ 12:20 2nd class (bit slow but I send my ebay stuff this way and normally takes 2-3 days delivery with no problems having sold well over 100+ items this year).

I emailed them again on Sunday asking them if they had received anything, so far only 2 workings days I know but no response. What i'd really like to know is if I can claim back my money for the one game via the paypal resolution centre?

It states I have 45 days from the payment to claim, so that leaves me with till the 5th Jan (I think) which would also be enough time for CeX to respond to my emails. Sorry for the long story for such a simple question but I've searched google, CeX and CeX facebook with no luck and I'm kinda getting a picture of what kinda online company they are and what the outcome will be......

Cheers for responses in advance!
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Posted the 14th - 7 days ago via second class with a major backlog effecting the Royal Mail were 1st Class items are taking around 2 weeks currently. I think you're getting a bit impatient. Anyway from my understanding the Paypal buyer protection is only available for ebay transactions though I could be wrong.
Put in a claim. At least it gets the ball rolling and forces the other party to respond through Paypal.
Yeah 7 days is a little short however I do live in the south east near the delivery address and the weather wasn't too bad then. It was more of a case that they haven't responded to my initial query and when needed (say jan4/5) if I still haven't heard anything would a paypal claim hold up?

Cheers for the responses though.
Put in a claim, and hope that you don't need to escalate it and that CEX get back to you in time.
CEX are notoriously useless on their customer service - just put in a claim and escalate it as soon as possible. Keep all your emails and receipts safe in case you need to produce them. When I had a problem with CEX all I got from them were standard emails fobbing me off and ignoring my issues so I issued proceedings in the Small Claims Court - they soon paid up as they knew they were in the wrong and I had proof, but it was crazy that I had to resort to court proceedings when they could easily have dealt with it properly by email.
Since when did paypal start paying refunds on 3rd Party sites ?

Since when did paypal start paying refunds on 3rd Party sites ?

I paid for something from an online shop using paypal and I didn't receive the item and paypal refunded me

Since when did paypal start paying refunds on 3rd Party sites ?

I used paypal to pay for a couple of orders at lookfantastic, the orders never arrived so I put in a dispute with paypal. It was easy enough to start the dispute and it didn't take too long either, still a pain in the ass as I didn't get my bargains, and I won't ever be using lookfantastic again, abysmal customer services.
Paypal offer you buyer protection on all paypal (standard) payments now (*NB protection does not mean guaranteed money back if there is a problem).
I bought a Monitor on here around 8 Months ago & paid by paypal.The Monitor cost £90 & arrived broken.The seller refused to refund me & when I did a paypal claim the claim was dropped by paypal.I contacted paypal by phone & asked why they had dropped the claim & they told me they don't protect customers on "3rd party sites" They said because they have No control over these sites they can't look in to the details.
So is this a new thing with paypal or has this always been the case ?…534
had problems with cex a while back - ordered a blu ray didnt turn up,didnt reply to emails (shock horror) so put in a claim via paypal. About a week later got my refund, will never buy from them again online

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no concrete proof i imagine
you'll need to prove to paypal that CEX have RECEIVED it. I trust you sent it recorded delivery?
No didn't use recorded but still have the receipt so if they say they never received it back I suppose I'd have to claim against royal mail. I'll open a claim at the end of next week if I hear nothing or the game is not exchanged & see how it turns out.
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