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    In May I sold an item on eBay & this week the buyer filed a claim with paypal, saying that he hasn't received the item, fair enough. but, the buyer didn't pay for Recorded Delivery insured postage & now he wants a full refund back. Paypal have no protection for the seller (or none that I know of) so do I have to pay him back in full, or do I have other options?

    P.S When did eBay get rid of sellers leaving feedback?



    this should be in misc, have asked for it to be moved

    yes you will have to give a full refund to the buyer, you would have been protected against this had you sent it recorded, how much was the item worth? did you get proof of postage at least

    This should be in Misc, not "Feedback".

    It was up to you to ensure that it got there, recorded delivery should be the minimum that you posted the item out with. Paypal do have protection for the seller, it begins with showing that the buyer got the item.

    They got rid of feedback a few days ago I believe, I no longer leave feedback, as it's pointless.

    You will have to give a refund im afraid and claim against royal mail with your proof of posting for the lost mail. Paypal will find in the buyers favour

    All mail is insured as long as you get proof of postage :thumbsup:

    only thing you can do is make a claim from royal mail (provided you have proof of posting) but the buyer will get the money back, either by you refunding directly or through paypal
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