Paypal Credit Issues

Posted 25th Oct 2020
I recently purchased an Item from eBay for £369 on the 12th September on a 12 month installment plan of £30.75 per month, the payment was due to be taken starting the beginning of November. I subsequently added another £335 to my Paypal Credit Account for another item from the same company on a no interest 0% for 4 months. The £335 was refunded to my Paypal credit account the following day as the item had gone out of stock and was unavailable. This should have left me with a balance of £369 to be paid of in equal installment of £30.75 per month
Paypal have said because the money was refunded they have taken it off 12 month installment plan and I owe £34 on this now, but I must pay the £335 for an item I never had an was refund within 4 months.

Surely this can't be correct ?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks for your time
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