PAYPAL CREDIT missed payment help

    ive had an account with paypal credit for a year now. ive recently bought a laptop which has pushed my minimum payments up to £41 a month. Ive changed my direct debit on my account to £60 per month. Ive had an email this morning saying ive missed a payment and my account has been charged £12. ice checked my account and it actually says "diect debit scheduled 18th December £60"

    my bank is in plenty of credit so i dont understand why they havent taken it.

    Im going to ring them at 8am but has anybody else experienced this?


    PayPal are great with things like this, I'd just phone them and sort it with them.

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    all sorted. apparently if you change the amount between payments it auto cancels your next payment! pants system but theyve refunded the £12 as they are aware of the issue.

    Similar thing happened to me and they logged 2 missed payments on my credit file, refused to remove them saying it was a payment that was missed so they have to record it as such.

    Got Ombudsman involved and all sorted now, + £50 credit for inconvenience from PayPal.

    Make sure that don't go on your credit file.
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