paypal dispute not closed?

    hi someone opened a paypal dispute claiming item hasnt been recieved, on the 29th of july, item was delivered on the 30th of july, yet they still wont close the dispute after numerous emails, what are my options? i have 2 options 1.grant full refund, (not an option as i have tracking number with city link which confirms delivery) 2. option is escalate , what does this entale for me? or are there any other options available to me?


    if you have tracking then paypal will investigate and they should see in your favour

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    hi, yes i have tracking number i,ve added this to paypal, cleary shows item was delivered and signed for by the person, do i escalate if they dont close dipute in next few day? if so will they charge me 7.50 or will the buyer have to pay this if found in my favour


    I ddint think they charged for an escalated dispute.

    its just a dispute so no liability will be made unless buyer escalates to a dispute then you will be asked to provide verifiable tracking.

    Why not contact buyer direct and ask what the problem is (you do have proof of delivery).

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    already emailed them about 4 times no responce , yes i have proof of delivery as i have tracking number with city link, have added the tracking to the dispute, clearly shows on website its been delivered so cant understand why they wont close dispute unless they pulling a fast 1 thinking they will get refunded and keep item

    Did you send to the confirmed address? Or an unconfirmed on?

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    confirmed address


    confirmed address

    you should be ok then.

    Dont escalate it, if the buyer doesnt escalate it in the given time it automatically closes. So just leave it as even if they do escalate it they should decide in your favour so just leave it til it automatically closes!!

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    yeah it closes on the 18th will wait till then
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