Paypal dispute - yawn...

Found 6th Nov 2017
i'll get straight to the point.

Sold a SNES mini on facebook and accepted payment through paypal. Today the buyer has opened a case:

"Item is very pixelated on screen during use. Not what we expected, We would like a refund, (packaged back in original condition)"

its a console 25 years old for heavens sake, not sure what they were expecting? Have i got a leg to stand if it goes to the resolution centre on as i don't want to accept a return?

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Sounds like the buyer is sufferingfrom retro nostalgia syndrome. There's nothing wrong with the unit and it is working to standard. If the buyer didn't research the device on youtube it's hardly your fault.

There's a difference when playing on a 14" 4:3 CRT but that's more their problem than with the unit. I would counter that they should use it in CRT mode to give that extra smoothing.

Hate PayPal they tried this with me , I turfed to pay the threatened me and all sorts ,I got banned from PayPal but I’m not bothered
Explain to PayPal in the case notes that it's simply buyer's remorse and the console has that resolution etc. and working as it's supposed to work.
If you can, be smart and try and get the buyer to say something that confirms that they have a problem with the resolution displayed and that there isn't a physical fault. You get me
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I don't think distance selling regulations applies here lol you cannot just send back because you thought it would be in 4k. Item is as described.
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