paypal disputes how long have i got?

    how long have i got until i have no choice but to make a claim to paypal as i bought something from ebay on the 7th novemeber and still recieved no items yet but i have been told they have been sent.
    Its been a month (almost).
    just wondering how long i have until paypal no longer makes a dispute an option.


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    ive just been to the disputes page and found out ive got 45 days , they are coming from america so ill give them some more time.


    The longest you would have to wait for something to arrive from America would be 2 weeks or maybe give a few days. Give the seller until the end of this week, if nothing arrives inform him, if he is arsey file a claim. Hope it wasn't anything too expensive

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    not too expensive it was $83.00 which is £40.00
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