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    HI, can anyone pls advise. I have a paypal acct that i was using along with my ebay acct. I have recently starting using ebay and paypal have stopped the acct till its verified. They are supposedly sending 2 deposits into my acct. They did so yesterday and when i submitted them it said it was incorrect and the acct is not still accepting pyts. What can i do as this has been going on for 5/6 days now and i have buyers waiting to pay and for me to send out items. Thanks in advance.



    ring paypal


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    Hi, i did call them , spent half hour on phone yesterday and didnt get anywhere, he said they will send the 2 deposits again. They have done so but it keeps saying that i am entering the incorrect amounts. Till i am verified will i not be able to rec any pyts.

    Stupid question but ARE YOU SURE you put the numbers in correctly?

    I don't know if it makes a difference but the times I've linked a bank account to it I put the higher amount at the top.

    Sum1 posted about the same problem recently but for the life of me i can't remember the outcome arghh


    and you have to put in 0.01 for 1p not 1

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    thanks for your replies, i definitely put them in the way they were sent. I tried it both ways and this is the second time they have sent these deposits to me. Keeps saying incorrect amounts. I am trying to call paypal but the answer machins says they are closed and open from 9 till 6 but its past 9 now.This is a joke, can i accept pyts from the ebayers another way or paypal the safest/ conveneient way.

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    the 1st time is was 4p and 1p so i put it in as 0.04 and 0.01 so i dont understand what the prob is!
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