PayPal eCheque refund?!

Posted 11th Dec 2020
Greetings dealers!

So! I purchased some custom stickers/decals from a seller on Instagram, only a tenners worth but made sure to go through goods & services.

one week of waiting became two, then three and finally four. Seller was claiming he was inundated with orders and was stressed from the workload, I said its fine and I’ll request a refund and buy from someone else! (Already had done by this point tbh).

So the refund had been ‘pending’ for the last 9 days with the message that it will be with me soon, credit had been paid and the case is closed - I then started a transcript through their messages to get a little clarity on what the hold up is, and was told the seller issued the refund via eCheque and its taking longer than expected to reclaim the funds from their bank account.

Id never heard of this method before as Id always assumed PayPal ‘froze’ the funds once a case was open. Most results I can find of eCheques & PayPal seem to be complaints of dodgy sellers.

They also basically said if the funds cannot be reclaimed from the sellers bank the refund will be cancelled and I will need to dispute the transaction with PayPal for the refund. What a faff! Very happy its such a small amount and not more.

anyone else dealt with similar? What was the outcome?
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