Paypal eCheque payment (seller)

    Someone has paid me through paypal using the eCheque system.
    Is this safe?
    Anything I should be aware of? Thanks


    Yes it's safe, although you just have to wait until it's cleared until you dispatch the goods. Quite an inconvenience really as it does take a long time.

    Yep, it's safe but don't send the item until the payment has cleared, I think it can take 7 - 10 days for that to happen tho so just let the buyer know there will be a delay due to their payment method.
    I think it happens when the payment comes from a bank account rather than a debit or credit card.

    thats 7 to 10 WORKING DAYS but it is safe

    same thing happened to me last month a real pain as you have to wait over 1.5 week and then paypal email you to say the eCheque cleared....the buyer probably didn't have enough funds!

    never sell via paypal or this **** happens, just wait and send the buyer an email explaining youre waiting first
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