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Paypal email disappears

Posted 7th Sep 2014
Last week I got an obviously phishing email which I reported to the spoof Paypal dept.

Just gone into my inbox and another phishing Paypal email (seriously dodgy grammar)

When I went back to forward it to Paypal, the email had disappeared from my inbox, it is not in deleted emails.

Have raised this with Paypal but getting seriously worried now, appreciate advice please
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change password asap
Then change it again so twice
This keeps happening to me... dodgy emails and then they just dissappear
I've had it too
your email client detected as spam maybe and moved it, have you checked junk folder?
i always get told not to open them... if you can see from the header that its not from them... i also check my paypal account before i do anything just to make sure nothing happened.. then i forward it without opening it.. change your passwords on your email and paypal
Yeah, if enough people report it as spam, your provider probably removes it.
Thanks. Makes sense now
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