Paypal Email - REAL?

    Hi all, had an email from 'Paypal' stating that any unverified accounts will be closed on 22 MArch 2010 - anyone else had this? I've had spook emails before but this looks quite real but I can;t find anything online about it??

    Cheers in advance!



    Was it address to you personally?

    Thats normally the give away - if its just 'dear paypal account holder' then normally a fake

    God I wish that was true, I hate paypal with more venom than you could imagine
    Closing accounts (mine and others) just because they dont like what your selling on eBay even when you send them 13 pages of documents proviong the items are genuine, and real and I have permission off the manufacturers to sell them, yet then still decide to close my account

    not only that but they wont refund my money they stole off me by keeping it for 180 days, thats 6 months they hold it for.

    My advice wont worry about paypal, there are other places way better and more auction sites than eBay

    probably a spoof.

    Original Poster

    It is directed to me personally - which is odd! Think I'll mail them!

    Follow this advice:

    I would forward it to [email protected] who will check if its for real. Also delete from your inbox. I've had a few of these.

    Yeah, I've had a few phishing emails puporting to be from paypal - forward it to the [email protected] address and they will get back to you - also log into your account and see what your account status is... maybe you could verify your account, it's not too arduous and might save your account....
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