Paypal exchange rate GBP - USD?

Found 5th Apr 2009
Hi guys,

I am about to send a paypal gift to a friend in America for £250, and just wanted to know if anyone knew the exchange rate paypal are currently charging?

If I was to send in GBP, would the receiver get it in USD if he has an American account?

Also, if I send by paypal gift, although he is in USA, none of us will need to pay any 'extra' fees?

Cheers guys!
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havea read through this aswell, might help…ide
Thanks for the reply guys!
Looked at the paypal link, and from what I can see, I need to send it in USD first, which isnt a problem!

Anyone know of any recent exchange rates, in the past couple of days, just so I have an average figure to be looking at.

Basically, what I want to know is: Will Paypal charge more or will sending a cheque have more fees?
Last week , i used it........ the rate from paypal was a horrible......................... 1.44 !!!!
It was $1.44 this morning with Paypal.
Paypal rates are pretty competative compared to bank/tourist rates.
Thanks for all the replies everyone, rep left :thumbsup:
how do you check what the current rate is?
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