PayPal fees?

    Hey People,

    I remeber when paying someone via PayPal gift no fee would incur, however I have just tried paying someone via PP gift and it is charging me? When I uncheck the box it then states the recipient will pay the fee?

    Is this right? or is there any other wat I can send money without these fees in PayPal?



    I think you have to have the funds in your paypal account but i could be wrong

    You need to have your account linked to your bank account not your card. They charge when pulling it off any type of card.

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    Thanks people!

    But when it is linked to my bank account it processes it as an e-cheque? The account is not a business account.

    I have removed the credit/debit cards and have the bank account linked but it states wait 5-7 days? The bank account is also confirmed?


    You need to have your bank account linked and a debit card to avoid paying fees if you haven;t got any funds in paypal. They will take the funds directly from your bank, but if anything goes wrong they use the debit card as a backup. Credit cards always incur fees as the card issuers charge a fortune

    IIRC If you are sending it as a gift its free if you already have money in yoru Paypal account, if you need to fund it any other way you will pay the fees

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    Many Thanks people! Sorted
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