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If you cancel an eBay transaction where the buyer has paid with Paypal, do Paypal still refund you the seller the percentage fee amount (2.9%) and hold onto the fixed fee amount (£0.30) only?

I know in the US they had recently changed their terms and were now holding onto the whole fee - the percentage fee as well as the fixed fee portion.

When I last looked over the summer, they hadn't rolled out this change to the UK but wondered if this was still the case.

Reason for asking is because I'm trying to figure out how much Paypal have refunded me on a £75 sale I have refunded to the buyer - see below.

Sale price: £75
Paypal fee @ 2.9% = £2.18 plus £0.30 = £2.48

By my reckoning, Paypal should have refunded me £2.18 but the below does not make that very clear.

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PayPal refunding you the 2.18 is below as fee reversal. Usually once a sale is cancelled and refunded to the buyer PayPal automatically reverse that fee so the whole 75 would have been refunded to the buyer.
If you're refunding the buyer, why would PayPal give you any money?

The buyer received £75, you paid £72.82, and PayPal reversed their fee and returned £2.18
In the UK refunds still work the way they always did i.e. Paypal refund you the % fee but keep the fixed fee.
In your screenshot above they have taken £72.82 from your account and reversed the % fee (£2.18), added them together and refunded the total of £75 to the buyer.
However, if you look at the original transaction in your account I expect you'll find that you only received £72.52 after deduction of fees so you're 30p down, they've kept the fixed fee for their trouble!
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They make 30p even if someone accidentally pays you via goods/services after a refund, instead of friends and family
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