Paypal fraud?


    i'm considering purchasing some items from a supplier located in another country, and they are suggesting paypal as a payment method

    is there anything to protect my purchase, if the person turns out to be a fraud?

    none of this involves ebay, it would be a simple payment sent via paypal.

    thanks for your help

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    Hi Reaps,

    You may want to read the Security Centre information at PayPal:…ide

    When sending money through PayPal it's pretty much like kissing goodbye to it. However there are a few avenues for recourse. The first is to make sure the seller ships with some kind of trace number. DO NOT let him ship out without taking out a form of parcel tracing. This will provide you with proof at any step along the way of whether s/he actually shipped out a product or not.

    Second, you can appeal to PayPal but this is hit and miss.

    Third. Make sure you pay with a credit card funded transaction. Do not transfer the money from you bank account as then it is really gone. If PayPal does not help you out then you can appeal to your credit card company. Because PayPal is quasi-cash this is difficult to argue with your bank but it is possible.

    Paying directly with a credit card is a better solution but if they don't accept that, PayPal is not a bad option. Like anything be very wary and careful and do your homework on the seller.

    If it is a very valuable item I highly recommend something like One time I bought a Powerbook and when it arrived the box was empty! However I had used and got all my money back. There's a fee involved but if it's an expensive purchase it's worth it for the peace of mind.
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