Paypal Funds Transfer to Bank Account No Longer Instant ???

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Found 21st Jun 2014
I Sold a few items on eBay and usually the money I receive in my Paypal balance when transferred usually appears instantly

I sold 3 items on eBay 3 Different buyers who paid using Paypal. I made the transfer on Tuesday and still as of today funds havent appeared in my bank account

It States Funds transfer being reviewed by Paypal. Whats gong on?



Suspicious activity

Occasionally they do that, it is normally instant though.

I frolicking hate PayPal! They do what they want with your money when they want! I had my account blocked for over 1 months a couple of years ago. They request all sorts of ID and paperwork. Turns out they'd made a mistake and thought I was a charity? I had a personal account and said nothing of the sort!!! Bunch of idiots!
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Yes 99% of the times it's instant but I have had the same thing on a couple of very odd occasions - think they are just random checks

I had the same problem, I sent them a message saying I wasn't happy and thought about closing my account, they then sorted it out pretty quick
it's just a random check they do, annoying lol

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Thanks for the info guys. I phoned them this morning and they said the money would be in my account later on tonight. Just a random check apparently

Thanks, reminded me to transfer the money in my paypal account to my bank account.


I think it also has something to do with your ebay sales activity. Paypal is now owned by ebay and although certain delays can be random checks, they also delay it if you have a sudden spurt of sales after a lull

They also have your funds pending if you change your account details too as this happened to me when I used a different bank account
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