Paypal gift fees! How to get around them ...

    I want to send £130 from my mums account to mine and they are trying to charge £4.60 fee - any way of getting around this ?



    send as paypal gift from your account or bank transfer

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    It is a paypal gift that i am trying to send ... ?

    Are you sure?
    That looks like a regular transaction fee?


    It is a paypal gift that i am trying to send ... ?

    There shouldn't be any charge if you already have the funds in your account or your transferring from your bank account.

    if its off a credit card you pay

    OP why not just do BT ?

    I'm having problems with mine as well and cant seem to make payments from my bank account

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    Because I am trying to buy something via pypal and i dont have the right card linked to my paypal so she is putting the money in my paypal for me.

    And its off her debit card/bank account - she doesn't have a credit card ? :s

    If she has her bank account linked to her paypal she should be able to do it without charges. I've just called them and they've lifted some limit they had on my account which stopped me from doing it. So you could try that

    can you not just use her paypal instead of yours, i use my partners when i buy off ebay.

    The trick is to put £130 into your Paypal account, and then transfer the money over, iirc.

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    She isn't paypal verified (stupidly) - sorted now thanks, I had adifferent card linked to my account that I didnt know about so I have just made that my primary one and all is sorted thanks

    ps, paypal are still annoying!

    OP get her to send you the money to your bank account by BT then you make the paypal payment.
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