Paypal gift no-longer free?

    just tried to send someone £5 as PPG and they said I had to pay 0.37p for the pleasure. if I did not the receiver would pay the cost?

    is this new as Ive never seen this before?


    It may depend on where the paypal gift money is being sourced from and backed up from. If you have no money in your paypal account it charges or something along those lines. Some paypal expert may be along shortly to give the proper answer.

    A PayPal gift is only free if you have funds in your account or it comes from a bank account. If you use a debit/credit card to fund it, then there is a charge.

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    If you are paying from funds on a debit/credit card then you will still get charged. Need to pay from paypal balance.

    As above,it charges for card payments.

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    ahh fair enough, must have always had money in paypal until now


    not true, i never have money in my paypal account and i never get … not true, i never have money in my paypal account and i never get charged, but once it did say to me click here to give paypal a small fee after i click on PPG.

    Doesn't charge for bank funding......just cards.

    ^^^ if it is backed up by your bank account first then you do not pay charges, this is how your paypal must be set up.

    I know mine says XX taken from your paypal account and XX form 123456 bank account. If there are insufficent funds this is taken from credit/debit card 567890. Or summat like that.



    As above,it charges for card payments.

    doesnt charge on my account

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    could possibly something to do with alliance and leicester changing to santander and paypal removing my bank account to withdraw to but I can still extract from, very strange


    Doesn't charge for bank funding......just cards.

    This. Payments from Paypal balance or via Instant Bank Transfer are the only methods where no fee is charged.


    doesnt charge on my account

    If you don't have your bank account linked as well you must be special,because they charge for card payments.

    Maybe the trick is to add the appropriate amount of funds to your Paypal account, and send as a gift from your Paypal account money. I don't think Paypal charge you to give them money, so it could mean free transfers again.

    From Paypals site ;

    Personal Transfers:
    It's free when you use your PayPal balance or your bank account. There is a charge of 3.4% + £0.20 GBP fee charged for debit or credit card funded payments. Either the sender or recipient can pay this fee.

    It tried to charge me the other day too. I've never been charged before and the funds can from my current account.

    I never get charged even if dont have funds in my payapl
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