paypal gift payment - free? still need info.......

    hi, im a bit stupid in this so need some info. why is it better to pay paypal as a gift? is it because there is no charges or what? been asked to pay this way few times but not sure who benefits from this. thank for any info


    No charges to the sender or receiver.

    Plus paypal normal offers minimal coverage on here as they see it as a third party site.

    BT/Paypal gift are the usual payment methods here as the buyer can't simply try and reclaim the funds, like what can be done with paypal normal.

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    thanks Adam2050


    thanks Adam2050

    Just to add the rules here prefer you to use Paypal 'normal' but with so many scammers these days people don't really touch it, I know one member who tries to buy with it and I always refuse him as I don't see the need when the feedback system shows you usually how trustworthy a member can be.

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    im new here so dont have neg or pos FB but want to sell some stuff. if i sell it for 1 or 2 quid and then have to pay paypal charges - i will be loosing money (paypal has expensive charges) so what is the best way??? my ebay FB is 100%pos with 102 FB... is it safe to post the item and then get the payment? (dipending on buyers FB). thank you so much for your help.

    I recently had someone ask if they could pay as a gift. Am i at risk at all here? I mean i understand that he is completely at risk because there's no protection. But there's no way he can recall his payment after the item has been sent/recieved right?
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