paypal help

    Lots of people use paypal so i was thinking of opening an account.
    If you have a maestro debit card will they let you use that or does it have to be a credit card??

    I wanted to make sure before i opened an account.


    Mines a debit card and it was fine :-)

    So is mine - no problem with ordinary bank card eg Maestro

    Paypal is garbage, dont use it. You will get ripped off at some point.


    Paypal is great until a problem arises. Nicked £120 of me when I was 100% right (chargeback for no valid reason and no return of camera I sold via ebay) See ]

    It should be a regular feature on watchdog!

    I registered with my Maestro debit card and it works fine. I've carried out about 400 paypal transactions now, and never once had a problem. It IS annoying though, how they take bites of your money at every stage, and give **** conversion rates for currency. It is reliable though and Im glad I have my paypal.

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    i rang and they said that they dont accept debit cards, and it has to be a credit card...
    so i guess i wont bother yet

    Edit: email saying account accepted and wait until you get two small payments...
    lol i guess i may be setting up paypal after all

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    i know its a double post but i want to know if something on ebay is for £10 and if i pay £10 for it from my account then the seller will get less as he will be charged. Does it go like that or do i have to pay more than £10 for it to become £10 after the paypal charges???

    lol i know confusing....basically do i pay what i bid upto eg £10 or do i pay a little extra so the seller gets £10 after charges
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