I need to ask for some help, basically does paypal protection only work for Ebay, or does it work for all transactions?


    PayPal transactions are covered against unauthorised payments sent from your account.

    Qualified transactions are also covered by PayPal's Buyer Complaint Policy. See eligibility

    PayPal Buyer Protection covers eBay transactions paid with PayPal up to £500.00 GBP. See eligibility


    Extensive protection against unauthorised payments sent from your account.
    As a PayPal user, you’re protected from payments that you did not authorise.

    As a fraud-prevention measure, we will send an email confirmation for every online payment that you make with PayPal.
    If you receive email confirmation of a transaction that you did not approve, contact us and we will work with you to quickly resolve the issue. You will not be liable for the charges.
    Purchase protection programmes.
    When you purchase goods online with PayPal, your transactions may be covered by our Buyer Complaint Policy. If we find the complaint in your favour, the amount of the payment, if available from the seller, will be transferred back to your account. See eligibility
    For qualified eBay transactions, you will be covered under PayPal Buyer Protection. See eligibility
    To learn more, go to Purchase Protection Programmes.
    We also ensure you are buying safely with:
    Privacy to Help Protect Your Identity: We let you shop without sharing your financial information.
    Prevention to Help Stop Fraud: We help stop problems before they happen

    Beat me to it PasPer2... Looks like purchases from ebay only.. Ebay and paypal.. Are they owned by the same people?

    ]HERES the company complaint policy...


    Ebay and paypal.. Are they owned by the same people?

    They most certainly are.
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