Paypal Help!!

    I recently sold a item in ebay. The buyer now asks me to send the item to his friends address as he is now going for a vacation?. So can i send to a different address? will i be protected? I plan to send by tracking method..


    you should be fine as before u wouldnt be covered if you had to post to a unconfirmed address

    however they have recently just changed so send to wherever confirmed or uncomfirmed


    As she can't collect it from her friend till she gets home, say you will send it to her home when she returns.
    An honest buyer should ok that.

    I wouldn't send to a different address.

    For a vacation at the start of December? I don't trust anyone that uses "vacation" instead of "holiday", especially when they aren't even Americans. I'd email back saying not to worry, and that you'll hold on to the item until they get back. Make it seem like you're doing them a favour by not sending it out yet. We don't know if they're scammy or not yet, so play it safe.

    i would definitly wait till they are due back off holiday as they can cay it wasnt delivered keep item and claim refund back via paypal also keep proof of posting expecially this time of year


    you have to send to the paypal address to be covered in the event of a claim.
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