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    If I have existing paypal balance, and want to finance ebay purchase with the balance only, then whats the fastest way of sending payment to the seller? I've linked my new bank accounts to paypal already, what ought I do next? I don't have the debit card from them yet, only the sort codes and account numbers. Without the extra details and the debit card, it is possible to deposit anything into there and taking it out?

    Should I withdrew the paypal balance to an bank account, take cash out of the account at a branch, then put that onto a prepaid card to send the payment? or do I need a debit card to get money out in the first place?

    Perhaps there is more direct way of transferring paypal balance to a seller? provided I want this out of the way ASAP and waiting for the banks card to arrive is not the best idea.



    if you have a bank account linked to your paypal account you just have to click the add funds can pay seller with a 0.00 paypal balance as it will transfer it from your bank

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    if you have a bank account linked to your paypal account you just have to … if you have a bank account linked to your paypal account you just have to click the add funds can pay seller with a 0.00 paypal balance as it will transfer it from your bank

    Well, the bank account i use allows no overdraft, and which is why I need to transfer my balance to the bank account in the first place.

    I'm confused as to what you mean,have you already got funds in paypal that you want to pay for ebay stuff with or do you want to add funds as its empty?

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    I've fund (balance) in paypal and want to pay a seller via that balance, not anything else.

    If you have funds in your paypal account already you just click pay now and pay it or am i being thick and i'm missing something.

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    You think I could just use directly use the pay now and that takes from the paypal balance? if it works it'll be grand.

    If you have funds in your paypal account already then that money is always taken first to pay for stuff,it doesnt come from your bank account.

    Only comes from your bank account if there isnt any actual funds in paypal,ie a paypal balance.

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    ok, I found this:

    If you have a PayPal Account, you can choose to use your credit card as your Funding Source when you send money. Please note that if there is enough money in your PayPal balance to cover the payment, your credit card may not be a funding option for that payment.

    so provided I put in a credit card number, I may just use the balance?

    You can select a card payment if you have a card on file,but you dont need to select that if you have a balance

    When you click pay now and go into paypal it will show on the page the funding source,it will say paypal balance,or something like that to show its come from actual funds in the account.

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    OH right, thanks, rep added.

    I've been so worried about this...

    You're welcome:thumbsup:


    Well, the bank account i use allows no overdraft, and which is why I need … Well, the bank account i use allows no overdraft, and which is why I need to transfer my balance to the bank account in the first place.

    ..................well,im glad its sorted now

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    One more thing; if the seller's payment is oh hold due to the value of payment and the nature of the item, though its delivered yesterday, what should I do?

    I've contacted the buyer repeatedly, who does not respond. As to release the pending payment, a positive feedback is needed from the buyer. So far I've asked the paypal to contact the buyer on my behalf, however there is so far no response from either party. Consider the paypal fee is almost 30 quid for this payment, I figured thats the least they could do; since they do not have a magic button to release it.

    Whats frustrating me is that the buyer is in a sense using my sense without paying so far; should I bother to contact him/her on the phone? would that be too intrusive? I really want to get the payment as soon as possible, but if the buyer does not respond on paypal, I've got to wait about 21 days for it, afterall, I shipped the item, he's got it, and now PayPal screwing with me.

    A lot of people aren't aware of the 21 day hold.

    I wouldn't advise ringing the buyer.

    You could try going onto the original transaction page in paypal and near the bottom click refund,on the next page refund 1p, sometimes that works and releases the payment,doesn't always work but worth a try.

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    That wouldn't make paypal hold my money even longer would it? this is the first item I've sold as well.

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    Might give this a try, can anyone send 10p to me through paypal? I'll send you 90p worth (10p+80p of paypal fee) if you pm me your email; as this method requires paypal balance, while my balance is pending...

    Sent you a few pence,you dont have to send any back,think i'll

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    Sent you a few pence,you dont have to send any back,think i'll … Sent you a few pence,you dont have to send any back,think i'll

    Thanks, I'll send it back ASAP. :thumbsup:

    Its odd how it turned out, as soon as I refunded partially, I got the full amount left, buyer kindly left me a positive feedback on ebay; so I used the balance to send payment due for another seller, nothing wrong so far.

    The next thing as I know it is that paypal has put my account into limited access mode, in ebay's case, they deleted my listed auctions, suspended my account indefinitely due to the system picking up early risky behaviour. :? err...

    Though looking at the the bright side, I only need to send then a few documents to resume it, assuming they do not freeze my balance for 180 days while earning interest on it... In the main while, the fund i sent has left my balance, but not reached the seller, paypal must be holding it.. :? I'm really not amused by paypal's seller screwing scheme, as soon as I get my balance back, I'm leaving paypal for good.:whistling:

    For all I know, I've done nothing at all wrong. The buyer of my previous item got it, left positive feedback; and there is no rule saying I can't buy through paypal.

    They don't end your auctions or suspend your account for no reason,someone has probably reported you,what were you selling,omg:w00t:

    I've never heard of the 1p loophole flagging anything up.

    I think there's more to it than that.

    Not with ebay AND paypal,suspended account etc

    Perhaps selling a few high value items on a new account

    My spidey senses are

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    Well, I've been using paypal for a long time now, and same for ebay, but only used it to buy before, never selling; I made a post a week ago here or something about selling off my old canon DSLR gear, so I guess the problem is that the item is both valuable and I'm a new seller.
    This is stupid of me not verifying my account before hand also; but what matters now is I've just verified account status now, and am sorting it out.

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    The irony is that, a few minutes before they closed my account, the buyer of the item left a positive feedback, but guess that doesn't mean anything, and I'm to be blamed for withdraw early.:roll:

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    The buyer left the feedback on ebay, I guess because I've sent him a message saying I've got the payment(after 1p refund); he never left it on paypal as I asked...

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    It just gets more and more pathetic, I've got this:

    Thank you for contacting PayPal in relation to a reversed transaction on
    your PayPal account. We have reviewed your account and it shows that these
    funds were being investigated as they were potentially fraudulent and
    PayPal was unsure of the legitimacy of these funds.

    On completion of the investigation, it was determined that the most
    appropriate action was to return the funds to their original source. We
    appreciate that in doing so you have lost the funds however in these
    instances it is likely that PayPal had a legal obligation to do so. We are
    unable to provide you with the specific information surrounding these funds
    as to do so would be a serious breach of the Data Protection Act and PayPal
    would be liable for prosecution.

    Regrettably, PayPal was unable to allow the transaction to continue and are
    limited by law on any further action. We regret the circumstances
    surrounding this transaction and feel the best recourse for you now would
    be to contact the account holder of the initial transaction. If you receive
    no co-operative response from that individual or the owner of the PayPal
    account is unaware of why the transaction was initiated then you are
    entitled to contact the police in order to initiate civil action.

    I am happy to recommend PayPal’s Seller Protection for any unfortunate and
    unforeseeable instances like this in the future, should all the
    requirements have been met in this instance you would have been covered.
    This protection is free and you can avail of this protection by reading the
    information I have provided below and complying with the requirements for
    future transactions.

    WHAT?!? This is really enough, first the on hold business, then they are losing my fund, WTF?:x
    and He's happy to recommend me seller protection? WHAT IS THIS?!? I'm going to forward this to my lawyer...

    Although you have been using Paypal as a buyer for a long time,no offence but i don't think you are too au fait with how it works and some of the details you are providing are sketchy when we try to give you help.

    Going by the above, the problems with your paypal account have nothing to do with you refunding the 1p someone who you sold something to has contacted paypal saying the payment was unauthorised,thats why the money was on hold.

    The seller protection is just that,you would have been covered if you had it and you had proof the item you sent was delivered,ie signed for delivery.

    Trouble is,there seems to be numerous things going on with your paypal account,i'm getting confused myself as to whats happened.

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    The account access was restored after uploading some IDs.
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