Paypal help?

    This is a long story, so bare with me.

    I sold a phone back in October on eBay, however, as soon as I've sent it via recorded delivery, the buyer filed for unauthorised payment - luckly I withdrew my balance in time - then two month later paypal decided in my favor however. Soon afterward, the guy decided to file chargeback - again, paypal decided in my favor weeks later. They sent this message:

    'As you know, we were recently notified that one of your buyers filed a
    chargeback with their card issuer. One of the unique benefits of using
    PayPal is that we help you fight unwarranted chargebacks and attempt to
    recover your funds. Usually the funds associated with a chargeback are temporarily held until the card issuer makes its decision. Because you followed the guidelines of the Seller Protection Policy, though, PayPal will cover the amount of the chargeback.'

    While I got my payment, does that mean the buyer managed to get both the money back, and the item?


    probably... but good for you for keeping the cash... paypal are horrendous!!! well done.. it doesnt end that way for many..

    I'd say 'Yes'. How much was it sold for ?

    paypal are toss ers

    Original Poster

    It wasn't too expensive.

    Even I'm lucky enough to get the money in time, the buyer still had both the item, and probably the money - which paypal took from their pockets. Hate to see ppl like that getting away with it.

    Paypal are a bunch of turds that are shooting themselves in the foot with this.
    Basically any person can buy any item and then do a chargeback and get their money back, a lot of the times, the seller can't do anything about it.
    I hope Paypal burns.
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