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    I mainly use prepaid credit card to buy online, including with paypal. I normally have to topup the card first at in the shop.

    However I was wondering if it could work the other way? if I have existing fund in the paypal balance, then can I transfer my paypal balance into the card? can anyone give me a quick guide?

    I basically need to send off some payment, by mid of the week, and can't get the account verified until the weekend; I wish to use my balance on paypal rather than to top up using a card, to send off the payment.

    I use a 3V card at the moment.


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    OH That makes things slightly more complicated.

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    can anyone tell me how many days it takes between first adding bank account and getting verified? and how long between adding account and withdrew from paypal balance?


    as soon as you add a bank account to paypal your able to withdraw to it but you will have withdrawal limits (about £1000) untill paypal verifies your bank account by placing 2 small deposits in.
    once you request a withdrawal it takes about 24 hours to be processed then 3-5 days to appear in your bank account. HSBC seems to be the quickest at 3 days
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