hiya guys hope ur all ok just a quickie

    i sold a nintendo ds i listed on ebay on auction and ended it early coz i had an offer for buy it now £70 so the buyer sent it me through paypal, i sent the ds and everything was ok
    Later had a message saying he thought he'd bought a ds lite but i clearly stated it was a old ds he said never mind, few days passed by. then got an email today saying he wants a refund but i know he has no intention of sending it back and hes trying to pick out faults saying the bottom screen doesnt work when i know it does. I have people to vouch for me to say it does work. i am really upset about it all was my paypal account was minus £70 and it cost me £8.25 to post so i made paypal make a decision and they said the wont escalte it and my account turned back to normal.

    so my question is if i shut my paypal down what will happen please xxxx


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    lol thankyou xx

    I'd a similar problem,but in reverse.
    I bought a game from a site and used Paypal thinking I was covered.
    The game sent was for the Japanese market so I instigated a refund. The seller said to return, and actually paid me the postage to do so. I took photos right left and centre and sent it recorded. The Post Office didn't list the recorded part until well after Christmas so I thought it was going to arrive back at my doorstep.
    I tried to escalate the Paypal claim meantime and as soon as I hit the return key after giving Paypal my spiel I received a reply saying it was rejected. I was livid to say the least.

    Luckily for me the Seller was true to his word and refunded the costs when he got the Game.

    I e.mailed Paypal to complain and they stated that they only cover items bought off Ebay, not private deals. I'll use my credit card next time as hopefully they'll cover me better.
    I hope you get this sorted, but must admit it sounds like the buyer is trying a fast one.

    One other thought. Does your Paypal account money go onto a credit card? If so, you 'may' have recourse through them.

    good luck.

    paypal will make him/her return the ds before they refund the buyer(if they dont send it recorded,say you didnt receive it back)

    Paypal is just so expensive, I ve sold items there near 1000 pounds and had to pay nearly 40 quid fee...
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