PayPal - how do I take out the money?

    hello all.

    i have some money going into paypal and i would like to know how do i get the money out of paypal and into my bank account or into a cheque i can put into my bank?

    do i have to keep the money in paypal and only use that account or can i get it out from them?

    also, do they take any money from me (its not via ebay payments.)

    rep for right replies.

    with thanks in advance.



    payments over £50 are free to transfer, just set up your details and transfer

    Original Poster

    thanks sassie - rep for your help :santa:

    and LJC79 db thanks :santa:

    You've probably already withdrawn the money now but I believe all transfers are now free, you just have to transfer more than £6.
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