Paypal - invalid_buyer_tracking_counterfeit ???

Found 5th Aug 2017
Bought 2 xLenovo HW01 Fitness Bands from GearBest (avoid like the plague), both arrived faulty - many various problems. Already knew about the GB CS problems so headed straight to paypal - filed claim...
Arranged to return the item to GB - Paid for Int Signed For (have the receipt) - even got a refund from paypal for the return costs.... Anyways, the parcel still shows as

Latest update: It's on its way

Your item, posted on 11/07/17 with reference RU763417548GB has arrived in BEIJING CHINA and is being processed for delivery.

I had contacted paypal about this, after reading up online that if you return a parcel to places like China then Paypal should refund on the basis that it has reached China as a destination as there's no "signed for" once it hits their depot (even though I thought I paid for it).... But they just fobbed me off several times....
" - I googled this and it seems paypal are accusing me of using fake tracking details!!!
Down £30 and not happy - any advice over this would be appreciated.

ALSO - keep an eye on your GB accounts as they added one of those fidget spinners? as a placed order on my account (I never placed the order) - I assume they do this so people get alerts then think - oh it's only 50p.... and place the order that they never wanted in the first place, horrid company! Rant over.

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sadly one of the risks buying from China. You should be ok but it will take months to get your money.
Paypal is bigger scammer than any Chinese company. Their business model is based on feeding the scammers. I lost the same way returning international orders on both return postage and actual item (when I did it was before when they were offering to pay for return). Only way to get a partial refund towards the loss was through their one time good gesture policy. It may sound bad, but if you buy something from china and it's faulty, never offer the seller to return it. Force them to refund or arrange their collection themselves. Sometimes it's better to be the scammer than being scammed! (It's rude and immoral, but true)
Well... Took 2 x routes... Messaged Paypal stating they had made a mistake... Notified them that there was a newspaper report on a similar mistake and it took the fact that a newspaper reporter was investigating for them to accept they made mistakes and that if needed I would take the same route - with the same message - I copied and pasted it - sent it to the PAYPAL UK FB Chat - eventually got a bog standard reply - no req for the case details - but was told it would be "escalated" - I'm guessing a typical copy and paste reply.... Found a full refund this morning anyway - no apology, no explanation - zilch... Very very little faith restored and I will ensure that the remaining Items I have bought via paypal are ok - arrive - and in time close the account, in the meantime, they are getting ZILCH from me.
Hi Jenn101,

Could you please kindly send me your order number for re-checking ?

Gearbest Store Rep.Alice
You can contact me
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