Found 16th Dec 2009
Hi guys
I recently logged into my account, and paypal have put a restriction into play, according to the information since dec 1 2009 they have to have photo ID from you this can be a driving licence or passport, and also a bank statament.

I took the bank statement and that went through fine but they still require the photo a bit worried about giving them a copy of my drivers licence what should I do? I do need to use paypal because i will be listing an auction soon can anyone tell me if they have been forced to give them these documents?

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I've never heard of that before.


I've never heard of that before.

+1 :?

Sounds like you been hacked there been using paypal over past week and today and never had that come across

If not sure use an other p.c. friends log in and phone them

Was this defo in your account and NOT an email ?

I think i'd give them a ring if i were you!

Uh oh! Did you get a spam email that you linked through!!?

can you show us a picture of what this message says please. that might help us. Obviously any details of yours blank out first

hmmm paypal are always messing about, i wouldn't be suprised if its a new thing they have set up..
If it was a email they normally address you by your name not 'Paypal user' etc.
Also when you click on links from emails if they are fake/spoof then in the address bar it normally just says http instead of https which it should do to say its a secure site..


when i go to its in dutch lol

I would ring your bank and ask them to watch out for any strange transactions on your account if you have sent them your bank details.It is more than likely a phishing e-mail trying to scam your bank account. I keep getting e-mails supposedly from Paypal but as someone has already said they address you by your name not Dear User.I have also used Paypal since 1st Dec and I haven't been asked to do this.Word of warning if you ring Paypal it's an international number and you get through to an Indian call centre who were useless didn't understand what I was asking!

I have not seen this when I used PayPal this week.

I've just been on the Paypal sites security pages and it says they will never ask for your bank details or driving license number.It certainly looks like a scam

I've used paypal several times this week, not seen anything.


scam defo

I use paypal most days and have never seen anything like that, defo SPAM, do not give them anything.


I use paypal most days and have never seen anything like that, defo SPAM, … I use paypal most days and have never seen anything like that, defo SPAM, do not give them anything.

A bit late for that as the OP has sent bank details !:w00t:

I've never heard such a thing!!! That definitely sounds like a scam... I'm a very active user of paypal and have never been asked for anything like that previously...?

Original Poster

ok this isnt a scam because I log in through the paypal site

this is the first page I come across
Why is my account access limited?

Your account access has been limited for the following reason(s):

* 1 Dec 2009: To meet financial service industry regulations, we need to confirm some of your personal information. These regulations require us to forward your name, address and date of birth to one of our payment processing partners, who process transactions on our behalf. By providing the requested information, you consent to this disclosure.

Even though industry regulations require us to send this information, we are committed to helping protect your personal information. Our Privacy Policy states that our payment processing partners can use your information only to confirm your identity for regulatory purposes. This information will be kept confidential.
We apologise for the inconvenience. Please respond to this request so we can work to restore your account access as soon as possible.

(Your case ID for this reason is PP-XXX-XXX-XXX.)


Original Poster

it might have something to do with the fact that recently I have done a few transactions and paypal has emailed me saying they couldnt take payment from the bank so had to charge my card directly

I had this e-mail a few months ago, they restricted my account until I provided, my driving license, every bank statement to every card registered into paypal. After a week they said they "verified" my details and everything now was "ok" I sent them my details only because I use paypal quite alot otherwise I wouldnt have.

It must be a new way to verify accounts,they used to send two amounts to your bank account and then you had to imput those amounts into Paypal.

I had a paypal account for 3 years, so why ask for this information now not then? I got told that because "we are recognised as a bank we need to make sure our customers are safe" Send the information if you really use paypal all the time.

Original Poster

yea I do use paypal alot, I verified my card a long time ago they deduct some money like £1 from your account then on your bank statement it tells you a number you use that unique number and type it in then paypal considered the card to be yours and verified to you.

I've been using paypal for a LONG time it just seemed annoying that all of a sudden they have these "new" rules.
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