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I am new to paypal service and i put a mobile phone on sale at some website. now one of the guy interested wanted to buy the phone. he sent me a mail stating that he had paid for that and the payment can only be made when i will send the receipt no. to an e-mail id [email protected]'. The other thing is i need to send this phone to nigeria. can somenody please help me with this.


its fake paypal email mate!

one thing to say... SCAM!

i would stay clear if he claims he didnt recive it paypal will give him the money and you will be left without phone or money, try sending only to uk where u can send recorded

login to your paypal a/c thru [url][/url]
only if it states ther that the paymment has been received then do summat about it..
apart from that these are con shizz

Yep, fake! Always beware when you get asked to send stuff to Nigeria! I almost fell for it on Amazon. Send the email to the website's fraud team.

it wil take u like 2 months to get ur ebay fee and stuff thru ebay... lol.. i got experience...
g2 ur ebay settings and change it to some sell only ppl mor that 5 feedbak i fink...

Don't be silly...Just ignore it...Nigeria is a big no no :w00t::w00t::w00t:

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Thanks everyone for helping me out with the problem...
rep will be given to everyone...
thanks again....
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