Paypal payment received via echeque?

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Found 11th Mar 2008
Ok received a payment via echeque, is this cosher and ? Says can take 7-9 days to clear , so if i send it to him, will he be able to stop the cheque when he receives it?

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Do not send anything until the cheque has cleared.The cheques are fine but it does tell you somewhere in the transaction details not to send until they tell you that it has cleared.Also make sure that there account is verified and that they have a confirmed address and if sending something of value make sure that it is insured just incase it is lost in the post.

it just means they don't have a card linked to thier account just a bank account but don't send the item until it clears

Paypal advises you not to send item until echeque has cleared & they will email you when it does. What i do when i receive echeques is inform the buyer of the date that paypal say it will be cleared by & that i won't be able to send until then, if they need it sooner i can cancel the echeque & they can pay through paypal by card. Hope this helps

send a quick email saying that its due to clear in 7 - 9 days and that you will send the item once funds have cleared. It's what i do. Keeps them informed

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Thank you all!.

e cheques take the p! i think one took 14 days to clear lol

I had a problem with my paypal account, for about 14 days for no obvious reason it would not let me use instant bank transfer only echeque. I was very angry!! So it doesn't necessarily mean that the buyer is new or dodgy.

Dont post until paypal inform you that it has cleared. I got paid for an item via echeque and they buyer said they were needing the item urgently and could i post straight away which i stupidly did. The echeque bounced and i never did get the money

SAme as the rest...I wouldnt post it until that has cleared

I had one buyer who had to send 3 echeques before I had one that cleared. As others have said don't send the goods until you have the money in your paypal account.
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