Paypal payment to [email protected] - £45 ... scam?

    Anyone know of this email please?

    I have supposedly paid £45 to ANDREA BOWDEN ... has this happened to anyone else?


    SCAM! Never use the link in the email!

    Log into paypal directly for peace of mind...

    Ive just had a dispute resolved by paypal. i had 4 payments taken from my account to
    Sonny Shacklock
    jane gates
    Ian Ranger
    Alec Wadey
    For a total of £150!!
    I got hacked by an IP in Milton Keynes they told me (im in Brighton)!!!

    They're an e-bay user but as I haven't had any transactions with them I can't track them via their e-mail address. Sure you haven't bought something off them? Do an advanced search for a member in e-bay and you'll get their detail if you've had an recent dealings with them.

    I'm checking my paypal right now....

    paypal are good for it though dont worry, you might have to ring them but you will see your money again

    Original Poster

    I've rang paypal and they said they're sorting it - I'm sure they will but its still a bit worrying

    Not sure you should really post email addresses on here.

    Original Poster


    Not sure you should really post email addresses on here.

    whoever the **** is, she deserves it


    whoever the **** is, she deserves it

    Not really, she may be a victim too having received a payment for something from your account by the hacker.
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