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Posted 23rd Dec 2019
if I pay for something on eBay via PayPal how quickly does the seller get the money? is it pretty much instantaneous?
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Yes its instant
Seller receives instant notification of a payment having been made; then likely instantaneous transfer of funds to seller's account unless ebay / PayPal put the payment transfer on hold…155
Not sure if that is the same if PayPal processes a direct card payment rather than a payment sourced from the buyer's PayPal account.
eBay seller here, most of the times it is instantaneous , however if your PayPal account needs to be verified or if you don’t have enough funds then it may take a little longer as it needs to get transferred from you bank account linked to Paypal. Most times is sorted within 24h
You do get periods where either eBay or PayPal do not send an instant email when a sale/payment is made. Logging in will show you any transactions.
Depends on the seller tbh sometimes it takes a long time to clear
depends on the seller.
most arw instant.
some you wait for a week or until order is received. if send by e cheque or draft can take 5-7 working days to clear before can post your item.
yes,pretty much unless you setup pay after delivery.
Depends if there PayPal and eBay email are the same, otherwise they get a message to accept the payment... happened to me the other week and the seller was new so didn’t take payment for a couple of days..
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