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    I've never used this service before,the part where you have to imput the weight,it only shows it as KG,how do you put the weight of anything in grammes so i get charged the correct price?

    I don't get how to do it arghhhhhhhhh


    since a kilo is a thousand grams you put it in as a decimal. for instance 600g would be 0.6kg 50g would be 0.050kg

    0.xx ?

    0.5g kg = 500 grams..........

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    So 310g is 0.310

    I get it now,doh,i'm thick at times,thank you!!


    So 310g is 0.310I get it now,doh,i'm thick at times,thank you!!

    Just put it into google and it tells you, ie "what is 310g in kg", will give you the answer
    310 grams = 0.31 kilograms

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    I just had another thought,you don't need a "special" type of printer to print Paypal postage labels do you:?


    no but it takes a "special" type of person..........

    couldn't resist

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    no but it takes a "special" type of person..........couldn't resist

    You need to resist !:p
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