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Found 26th Jan

I had £130 which finally confirmed from Quidco and my paypal was linked to my Quidco account but i deleted my paypal account last year and reopened last month but with the same email address and i went into my paypal account.

I think when you link paypal to Quidco it uses a paypal reference number and pays to that rather than to a email address.

Spoke to Quidco about it but as far as they are concerned is that they have sent the payment and nothing they can do.

Anyone know wether the payment will bounce back into my Quidco account after 30days??
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I now if I want to send money with PayPal all I need is an email address which is linked to PayPal account. A bit like your phone number is linked to your address. Almost sounds like you removed and then replaced account because you used same email. Can't help you with the bounce but the fact it has been sent means it may go through OK.. Id speak to PayPal if I was you. ASAP
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