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Found 15th Aug 2009
I bought a iphone the other day off ebay, and sent the payment through paypal. Everything seems fine, but the seller told me that paypal is reviewing the payment.

Then this evening I received a mail from paypal:

We've finished reviewing of the transaction below, determined the payment was authorised, and advised the seller to send the item(s). There might be a slight delay in your delivery due to the review time.

What the seller now is wanting, is that I send the money via BT transfer, I'd lose the buyer protection this way. The phone was sold via buy it now, and many units were sold. He has 300+ feeback, but not yet a single one related to iPhone as far as I can see, which he started selling a few days ago. So I'm thinking maybe there is something fishy. What do I do now, let the investigation finish?

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would ask the seller to refund the money by paypal and cancel the transaction.

walk away,there are plenty of iphones about.

If he has stated in his advert that he accepts PayPal then he can't refuse it now. Even though it's not been a quick turn round with PayPal stalling, I would stand your ground now and state that the funds are only available now in your PayPal account. He would have received notification from PayPal, like you, stating that funds are available because the transaction review has been authorised.

Good Luck

Don't do it. Paypal often hold payments from expensive/high risk items. They release the money once you get your item and are happy with it. It could be that the only reason to back out would be because he knows you won't be happy?

As above, there are plenty others on ebay.

item no?

Report him to E-Bay too.

i certainly would not do a bank transfer - only use paypal - and to be honest if he doesnt like it ie. not prepared to wait for paypal then just tell them the deal is off - he cannot leave you negative feedback anyway- and like someone else said there are plenty of iphones around and i think you are best off buying new anyway - at least then you can moan to company if something goes wrong!!! hope this helps!!!

item no?


item no?




firstly £500!!!!!:shock:WTF!!!!!

secondly stock photo = bad news, no pic of actual item


OMG. Who is their right mind would pay £500 for an Iphone??


would ask the seller to refund the money by paypal and cancel the … would ask the seller to refund the money by paypal and cancel the transaction.walk away,there are plenty of iphones about.

^^^^^DO THIS ^^^^^^

if at first he declines call paypal tell them you think the seller is dodgy ie asking for payment by other means and ask them to cancel the transaction


OMG. Who is their right mind would pay £500 for an Iphone??


no- not £500?! what..really??!!

oh goodness.. may be a blessing in disguise. forget walking away- start running mate!
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