Paypal Problem - Can't Update Debit Card

    i have recently be issued a new debit card and when i try to update it on paypal i cant. I believe this is because it is a Solo card, and when i go to update it, Paypal asks me for the start date of the card. All Solo's do not have start dates on the card.

    I really don't know what to do, and i need to send some money ASAP.

    Please help me, i am getting slightly worried.


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    Please can someone help me please.

    Just had a look at it.
    Start date is not mandatory for solo cards.
    Only Boxes marked with * are required.

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    When i do it it makes me fill in the start date.
    I will try it again, but i have been having huge problems as the start date is in yellow, making me enter a date.

    if its still asking for a stat date try putting in 01/01 thats what we had to do with the system in my old work

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    Dont worry mate it is working now, thanks
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